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Salt Lake Comic Con Panels

More exciting Salt Lake Comic Con news! I’ve been invited to join two panels! The schedule may still change so check the programming guide when you get there, but as far as I know here are my panels:

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Comic Con!

Where did this summer go? I can’t believe it’s already September 1st (who’s on the train to Hogwarts today?).


I did a casual Rose Quartz (Steven Universe) cosplay one day and managed to snag this beautiful ARC (which I’ve been too busy to even read yet T_T)

I had some major events these past few months – a brother got married, I moved to a new house (twice so far with a third pending), and I went to San Diego Comic-Con. I love going to SDCC, this was my second year and it was a little less intense than last year (when I camped out over night to get into Ballroom 20 for the Korra panel), but it still left me completely exhausted by the end. Met some great authors and saw some cool panels and had a fun time overall.

Speaking of Comic Con, I’ll be at Salt Lake with a booth and everything! I’ve teamed up with some other authors from Cedar Fort, and will be signing and selling books Friday and Saturday. The booth will be open all three days, but here’s my schedule:

Booth #1908
Friday 9/25 2:30pm – 7:30pm
Saturday 9/26 9am – 2pm

The booth is in the bottom corner of the L, right in front of Hall A (sorry so tiny):slccmap


Definitely come by and say hi! We’ll have candy and swag and I’ll have my special stamps for any books I sign in person. Here are the other authors that will be there at various times of the day:

So check them out and I hope to see you there!
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So Many Things

So many things to catch up on!

First, you should now be able to find What is Hidden at Deseret Book! I’ll be making the rounds soon to sneak sign, so you may also be able to find signed copies around Provo and SLC as well. I’ll announce on my Twitter (link in the sidebar) whenever I find some, and then it’s first come, first serve.

Second, I have events coming up! I have a signing this weekend and will be teaching classes at Steamfest in Salt Lake, and at LDStorymakers Midwest in Kansas.

  • Costco Signing is Saturday, July 12 from 12pm-3pm in Sandy, UT at 11100 S Auto Mall Dr. Please come say hi!
  • Salt City Steamfest is Aug. 1-2. My class is Friday, Aug. 1 at 3pm: Steampunk World-Building
  • LDStorymakers Midwest is Sept. 20 in Overland Park, KS. I will be teaching two classes: Keeping Fairy Tales Fresh and Vivid Descriptions and Pertinent Details

Storymakers just launched the Show Your Love contest, where you can enter to win all sorts of fun stuff for registering and spreading the word so be sure to check that out. They’ve got some great presenters lined up, and I had a wonderful time attending last year.

Steamfest may seem a bit strange for me since What is Hidden is not steampunk, but I love the aesthetic and have a lot of fun dressing up. Plus I do plan on writing a steampunk novel eventually. I just have a few other things to finish first.

Which brings me to the third thing: I’m hard at work on the sequel to What is Hidden! I know lots of people have been asking about it, and yes it exists and will be out next year. I’ll come back with more details once I have them.

And lastly, I’ve been busy attending all sorts of amazing events. I volunteered at FantasyCon this past weekend in Salt Lake City (if you entered the main ballroom on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, you probably saw me). I saw Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers (and some other great sets) Monday night. I leave for San Diego Comic-Con in two weeks and am super excited to attend the Legend of Korra panel. And I’ll be volunteering at the Salt Lake Comic-Con in September as well. Busy, busy, busy!

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LTUE Wrap-Up

Earlier this month, I went to the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium here in Provo. As the site says, LTUE is comprised of panels, workshops, presentations and papers on writing, art, literature, media, science and other aspects of speculative fiction.

Here are some of the highlights:

-Meeting my editor in person for the first time. It wasn’t planned, she just found me in the hallway somehow and introduced herself. She also had an ARC of What is Hidden on hand and I got to hold it for the first time.
-Meeting and chatting with many authors, including Heather OstlerJennifer Wardell, and lots of aspiring authors.
-Hearing Jessica Day George call Iko from Cinder a cross between the Nurse from Romeo and Juliet and R2-D2.
-Basically every panel with Brandon Sanderson. The Rules of Writing Magic was particularly good.
-A great panel on writing marital arts and fight scenes
-Lots of great advice on different aspects of writing including humor, romance, naming, and wrapping things up.

It was my first year going, and I’m excited to go again next year. I was exhausted by the end, which is the sign of a conference well spent.

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