Two Months to Release!

What is Hidden‘s release is two months away and the book has been sent to the printers. There’s no more editing for me to do. I can’t change anything. This is a very strange feeling. I’ve been working on this thing for years and now I’m not.

To give you an idea of all the editing I have been doing these past few months, let me break it down:

I signed in November, and first thing I got back were the substantial edits the first week of December. These were slightly bigger plot changes (of which there were only a couple) as well as lots of minor changes. I had about a month to get these done and added about three thousand words – roughly ten pages. I think. My brain is a little mushy right now.

In mid-February, I got another round of edits, this time with two different editors. Still mostly minor edits, like closing plot holes and general polishing. I added maybe two or three pages worth of material. I had about a week to do this one.

Then at the end of February, I got the author pdf proofs. The layout is in place, the page count is locked, and no more major changes. Another week deadline. This is to catch any last typos and very very minor scene rewrites (I had two, which were basically a couple paragraphs each).

And lastly, the final proof, which I turned in yesterday. I received it Friday and that was my last chance to change anything (and yes there were still changes even then – I rewrote a couple paragraphs to fix a plot hole and added another paragraph somewhere else).

And now it’s done and I’m just super grateful Cedar Fort saw past all the polishing that needed to be done and took me on board. And also I need a nap.

Reminder that you can pre-order What is Hidden now! Just click here to buy on Amazon or click here to buy at Barnes and Noble!

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