Whirlwind Summer

My whirlwind of a summer is finally over and I know this because now it’s cold outside and I have my Saturdays again. Let’s look back at the last five months by the numbers and see what I’ve been doing instead of blog posts:

  • 1 Book Release

  • 6 Conventions/Conferences Attended

  • 3 Classes taught at those conferences/conventions

  • 24ish hours volunteered at those conventions

  • 32 Books read

  • 4 Signings

  • 2 States visited

  • 1 First Draft Written

So yeah. And about that first draft – I should be announcing more details any day now. I’m waiting on the final cover design and then I can give you the title and release date and all that fun stuff. All I can tell you now is that it’s a sequel to WHAT IS HIDDEN and I’m deep in editing.

In the meantime, I’ll try to think of interesting blog posts so I don’t go so long without posting again. How was your summer?

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