First Barnes and Noble Signing

This past week I had my first group singing at Barnes & Noble. I was at the Orem store on Thursday with three other authors and it was great.

Look, a poster with my face on it.

Here’s the tables all nice and pretty before the event. I had my own mini-table. I got too distracted to take any pictures when people were there. Oops.

A lot of people from Cedar Fort came out to support us, so I got to meet a bunch of people in person for the first time. All my work and communication with them is done over emails, so it was nice to put the names to faces. I also got lots of behind-the-scenes stories, which was super fun.

All the authors had giveaways with items related to their books, so I gave away a cool mask. These are the things to look forward to when you come to events. The people at B&N were great, and I left several signed copies behind, so be sure to grab one if you can.

I also got to tell people the released date for the next book. It doesn’t have a final title yet (hopefully soon) but I can now say that book number three will be released:

May 10, 2016!

I love May releases because my birthday is in May and it’s nice to share book birthdays with my own. I’ll be slowly releasing more information as the date gets closer.

If you missed this event and still want to meet me, check out the Events tab at the top of the page. My next event is at Salt Lake Comic Con, so I hope to see some of you there!

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