Title Announcement

Salt Lake Comic Con was great, my summer madness is winding down, and things are moving right along with my next book, so it’s finally time to share the title with you! Drumroll please….


Now, to answer a few commonly asked questions:

Q: Is this still connected to the first two books? A: Yes, it takes places directly after the events of WHAT IS LOST.

Q: Which fairy tale will it be drawing from? A: Snow White

Q: Who will be the narrator? A: Bianca, who you met in WHAT IS LOST as the noble in the purple mask. She is also Aiden’s younger sister.

Q: Why isn’t this another WHAT IS title? A: Originally, it was going to be titled WHAT IS FOUND in order to tie in with the other books in the series. However, my publisher wanted a title that was more reflective of the fairy tale aspect, and one that would be more inviting to new readers. The plot will be contained in the one book, so it can be read alone, though it will of course have references to the others for long-time readers to enjoy (and tie up some loose ends).

Q: Will we get to see Evie and Aiden again? A: Yes.

Q: Any more details? A: There’s no official plot summary yet, and I am still writing, so there’s not much more I can say right now.

I’ve seen the first draft of the cover, but there’s nothing official there yet either. Hopefully soon, because I think it will be another beautiful one!

THE FAIREST POISON will be out May 2016. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Are you excited?? Seven months to go!

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