Shelfie Hop

I’m naturally a curious person, so when I saw this Shelfie Hop, I thought it was the coolest thing. A bunch of people posting what their shelves look like? Cool! Now, I just moved into a new house a few weeks ago, so my shelves are still kind of messy, but honestly, they’re never going to get much neater. Apologies for bad lighting in advance.

This first shelf has my favorite hardcovers on it. I’ve pretty much run out of room all across the board, but most of my favorite series have made it on here. Then on the left are two make-shift shelves (which are just crates): the top has some old favorite paperbacks, and the bottom is full of ARCS or free books I got at Comic-Con and still need to read.

You can also see one of my cooler masks in its little box. Normally it’s on the shelf too, but I pulled it forward so you could see the books better.

The red panda I got in Japantown when I visited LA earlier this year, and the flowered fabric is a wrap I got in Hawaii a couple years ago.

Next is my slightly bigger shelf, which holds signed paperbacks and the hardbacks that didn’t make the cut. Also some of the little figures I have and – surprise – more masks.

Some of the cool things to point out:

  • The silver mask is the one that helped inspire WHAT IS HIDDEN

  • The crochet fire ferret was given to me by a reader

  • That bottle of sand is from when I went to a family reunion in Florida

Last is a little tiny shelf that used to be a nightstand but now it just holds lots of paperbacks. On top is another crate with a bunch of historical romance novels and other non-YA novels.

The white mask in the box is my favorite, and you’ll probably be seeing more of it as I promote my next book. These shelves also hold a bunch of photo books and manga.

The Inuyasha plush dolls I received from my host brother (who I think was about 7 at the time) waay back when I was a student ambassador in Japan. That pink mask is from Tokyo DisneySea from when I lived in Japan and worked as an English teacher.

And not pictured are the three other boxes under my bed or in my closet with non-fiction, textbooks and other assorted books that I just didn’t have room for. Plus another crate (or two) in the basement storage. I keep meaning to go through them but haven’t made it to that point yet. I’m a bit of a packrat, though I’m MUCH better now than when I was younger. If you can believe that.

If there’s anything pictures you’d like to know more about, feel free to ask in the comments!

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